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Tower Painting

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BASE Group is a company that specializes in the preparation and application of coatings for towers. They have years of experience and training in surface preparation and painting procedures and adhere to industry-leading standards from NACE and SSPC. They offer services such as lead abatement, media blasting, containments, brush/roll, and spraying of various coatings including polyurethanes, epoxies, zinc, and water-based. Their past clients include the FAA, USCG, AT&T, Verizon, Crowne Castle, American Tower, USFS, and municipalities across the country. BASE Group's focus on preparation and quality results in long-lasting coatings that provide years of profitable service for their clients.

loran tower painters lead abatement

Client:  USCG

Location:  Kodiak Alaska

Scope:  Repainting and deleading the tower

Product:  Rust Grip

base painters tower painters

Client:  MEM Airport

Location:  Memphis, TN

Scope:  Power wash to remove paint.  Application of tie-coat and repainting orange/white striped mono-pole

Product:  Sherwin Williams

radio tower painters

Client: United States Coast Guard

Location: Cape May, NJ

Scope:  Repainting Loran Tower

Product:  SW SherCryl

tower painters

Client:  USCG

Location:  Cape Hatteras, NC

Scope:  Repainting Loran tower

Product:  SW SherCryl

radome painting

Client:  FAA

Location:  New Mexico

Scope:  Repainting radome, installing toe boards.

Product: ZRC Zinc, SW Acrolon

galvanized tower repainting

Client:  County Services

Scope:  Mitigate rust and repaint the galvanized tower

Product:  ZRC Zinc

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