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Tower Painting

From painting guyed towers to painting self-support towers and de-leading, we take pride in the preparation and application of the coatings we install on your towers.  As a result, our intricate preparation and our success are in the service longevity of your asset, providing years of profitable service for you and your tower.  

Our painters and staff have years of experience and training with surface preparation and painting procedures through historical references in work completed since 2007.  We have training from industry-leading coatings standards from NACE and SPPC, as well as NACE-certified inspectors, to ensure your tower painting is above industry standards.

Some of our tower painting services include lead abatement, media blasting, containments, brush/roll, and spraying polyurethanes, epoxies, zinc, and water-based coatings. Tower painters painting towers

Our past clients include the FAA, USCG, AT&T, Verizon, Crowne Castle, American Tower, USFS, as well as municipalities across the country.

loran tower painters lead abatement

Client:  USCG

Location:  Kodiak Alaska

Scope:  Repainting and deleading the tower

Product:  Rust Grip


Client:  MEM Airport

Location:  Memphis, TN

Scope:  Power wash to remove paint.  Application of tie-coat and repainting orange/white striped mono-pole

Product:  Sherwin Williams

radio tower painters

Client: United States Coast Guard

Location: Cape May, NJ

Scope:  Repainting Loran Tower

Product:  SW SherCryl

tower painters

Client:  USCG

Location:  Cape Hatteras, NC

Scope:  Repainting Loran tower

Product:  SW SherCryl

radome painting

Client:  FAA

Location:  New Mexico

Scope:  Repainting radome, installing toe boards.

Product: ZRC Zinc, SW Acrolon

galvanized tower repainting

Client:  County Services

Scope:  Mitigate rust and repaint the galvanized tower

Product:  ZRC Zinc

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