Our Story

About BASE Group

We run an amazingly diverse rope access painting company, from traveling the country to painting unique iconic structures of America.  We pride ourselves on our ability to push standards forward continually and go where no other company would dare to go. 

Founded by a full-time sponsored ice climber in 2007, Rich Purnell, when he realized that not only could he make money hanging at the end of a rope but also help protect the iconic structures of America.  Rich started his fledgling business painting a few small buildings in Denver by himself.  Little did he know that within a few years, his skills would be requested across the nation.  Today, the company paints State Capitol Buildings, Roller Coasters, and Stadiums coast to coast, from Los Angeles To New Jersey, Milwaukee, and Miami.

Some 15 years later, the company and its employees have painted coast to coast on unique projects and have won several awards from industry leaders.  We are one of the few companies to specialize in painting projects that are seemingly inaccessible and difficult, places most contractors dare to go.   Painting of the inconvenient, we proudly paint where no one else will with commitment, assurance, and precision.

Our Clients

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