Historical Building Painting

Historical building painting, maintenance, preservation, and rehabilitation.   

With historical buildings, you never know what you are getting into until you start to peel back the onion. The local historical society codes regulate historic buildings, and to top that off, most of these older buildings have lead-based paint.  We have painted and preserved numerous historical buildings successfully, taking all this into account with diligent planning.  From start to finish, we respect your building and project and would be honored to work with you on the restoration of your historic building.

Some of our past clients include Colorado State Capitol, Daniels & Fisher Assoc, St Johns, Loyola Catholic Church, and Grosvenor Arms.

historical building painters regilding gold dome

Award Winning Project - Coatings Pro Magazine

Client: State of Colorado

Scope:  Vapor blasting old paint from copper ribs and repainting.  Repainting lower pillars.  Regilding gold leaf roof

Product:  Manetti 24k Gold Leaf, 

               SW Epoxy and Fluoropolymer

historical building restoration

Client: Daniels and Fisher

Scope:  Repainting dome, flagpole, clock face, and facade.

Products:  SW Siloxane, Dow Corning 791

                  Modern Masters Metallic

old historical building restoration

Client: 1770 Sherman

Scope:  Repainting domes, windows, and roof structure

Product:  Benjamin Moore Iron Clad

                Sherwin Williams Duration

church building painters

Client: Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church

Scope:  Rehab painting of 18 3-story wood windows.  Restoration of window sash and decorative wood

Product:  Sherwin Williams Duration

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