Stadium Painters

Stadium painting presents its many challenges and we are prepared to solve them.  Since 2011 we have successfully painted numerous stadiums with etractable roofs, trusses, and supports.  Keeping a low profile and a clean job site is important to the stadium organization. We have developed systems over the years to keep messes to a minimum and can paint stadium steel during game time months or events without anyone noticing work is being performed.  

Let us help you protect your asset from the elements with a fresh coat of paint.  

When you are ready, click here to request a quote that will protect your stadium for years. Stadium Painters

stadium painting contractors

Client:  Colorado State University

Location:  Colorado

Scope: Painting the hard-to-reach cross beams of the stadium for the general contractor during construction

painting contractor mitigating rust on the bell chords

Award Winning Project - SSPC George Campbell

Client:  Miller Park Baseball

Location:  Wisconsin

Scope:  Repainting retractable roof bell chords, trusses, and ceilings

Product:  SW Corotane HS, Mio Aluminum

professional stadim painters

Client:  Hard Rock Stadium

Location:  Miami, FL

Scope:  Repainting the roofs trusses

Product:  SW Sherloxane 800

weld seam painters tie in coatings

Client:  ARTIC Transportation

Location:  California

Scope:  Painting weld seams on the superstructure

Product:  Tnemec 

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