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Stadium Painters

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BASE Painters has experience painting stadiums and can handle the unique challenges that come with it.  Since 2011, they have successfully painted numerous stadiums with retractable roofs, trusses, and supports.  They understand the importance of keeping a low profile and clean job site and have developed systems to minimize messes during the painting process.  We can also paint stadium steel during game time or events without creating a spectacle for all the fans.  BASE Painters can help protect your stadium with a fresh coat of paint from the elements.  Please request a quote from them when you're ready to protect your asset for years.               stadium Painters

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Client:  Colorado State University

Location:  Colorado

Scope: Painting the hard-to-reach cross beams of the stadium for the general contractor during construction

painting contractor mitigating rust on the bell chords
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Award Winning Project - SSPC George Campbell

Client:  Miller Park Baseball

Location:  Wisconsin

Scope:  Repainting retractable roof bell chords, trusses, and ceilings

Product:  SW Corotane HS, Mio Aluminum

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Client:  Hard Rock Stadium

Location:  Miami, FL

Scope:  Repainting the roofs trusses

Product:  SW Sherloxane 800

weld seam painters tie in coatings

Client:  ARTIC Transportation

Location:  California

Scope:  Painting weld seams on the superstructure

Product:  Tnemec 

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