Structure Painting

Painting structures is what we do best and as result, we have painted many intricate structures throughout the USA.   From radomes to stadiums, emission stacks to water towers or lighthouses and bridges our painters are experienced with applying coatings on any surface. 

Let us help you protect your asset from the elements with a fresh coat of paint.  

Please take a look at some of the recent structures that we have painted below and when you are ready click here to request a quote that will protect your structure for years to come. bridge painting, tower painting

Some of our past clients/projects include Miller Park Baseball, Ceasers Entertainment, ARTIC Anaheim, Commerce Refuse to Energy, Miami Dolphins, Colorado State University, City of North Glen CO, University of Iowa


Client:  Ceasers Entertainment

Location:  Nevada

Scope:  Repainting the 300' high fiberglass dome

Product:  SW Adhesion Primer, SherLoxane 800


1st Place

Award Winning Project - SSPC George Campbell

Client:  Miller Park Baseball

Location:  Wisconsin

Scope:  Repainting retractable roof bell chords, trusses, and ceilings

Product:  SW Corotane HS, Mio Aluminum


3rd Place


2x Award Winning Project - Denver Mayor & Coatings Pro Magazine

Client:  University Building Assoc

Location:  Denver

Scope:  Repainting the old smoke stack to look like an N02 Pencil.

Product:  SW Duration

Client:  ARTIC Transportation

Location:  California

Scope:  Painting weld seams on the superstructure

Product:  Tnemec 


Client:  City Water Services

Location:  Wyoming

Scope:  Blasting and repainting spheroid water tower interior and exterior

Product:  Tnemec Pota-Pox, Hydroflon


Client:  ODOT

Location: Kentucky

Scope:  Repainting depth gauges to several bridges across Ohio River

Product:  Tnemec