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Dome Painting

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Recently the crew was in Reno Nevada rehabilitating the giant dome for the Silver Legacy Casino. The dome had been built by a radome construction contractor some 20 years ago. Over the years the panels had deteriorated to a point they needed some fresh rehabilitation. The only problem any contractor was going to have with the job is how to get to the top of the dome. The builder did not install a ladder on the exterior or on the interior of the structure. Luckily for the client, we are always up for a challenge and thus found a way to the top. Now the dome is freshly painted and could stand another 20 years shining bright in the Reno skyline.

We power-washed the domes panels, primed them with an adhesion primer, and applied 1600 gallons of Sherwin Williams Sherloxane 800.

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