Tower Painting

BASE tower painting services includes service for the cell, radio, tv and electrical transmission sectors. We service self support towers, guyed towers, monopoles, rooftops, remote or congested sites. Our tower painters are trained in the latest climbing and safety methods. We utilize rope access techniques on the most difficult towers. Rope access allows us to reach every area on towers without climbing around and messing up the new paint job. We are experienced in numerous system of surface preparation and different types of coatings applications. Our focus is to provide our clients tower painting services that provide longevity and durability. We are committed to protecting your asset for years of profitable service.

MAF Communication Tower Painting

Client: St Andrews Construction, Army Corps of Engineers at FE Warren AFB

Scope: Repaint 7 MAF towers

Prep: SSPC-1, SSPC-2, SSPC-10

Coatings: Corothane1, Corothane Pre-Primer, Sher-Cryl.

Location: Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska


Self Support Tower Painting

Client: Los Angeles Internal Services Provider Department

Scope: Repaint aging towers. Lead abatement and containment.

Pre: SSPC-1 & 2, Lead Abatement

Coatings: SW Macropoxy, SW High Solids Polyurethane.

Location: Los Angeles & Lancaster California

Self Support Tower Painting

Client: Centennial Contractors Inc, Clover Park College

Scope: Tower painting with emphasis on reducing the lead exposure.

Prep: SSPC-1,2

Coatings: SW Sher Cryl, Mio-Aluminum

Location: Seattle, Washington